Are You Thinking Of Using Buy Ffxiv Gil?

Gil is the primary game currency in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and it can make traveling much cheaper as well as save costs such as end game gear creation. A large stash will make such things as teleporting more accessible while providing for greater savings when purchasing end game crafted gear.

Contrasting with WoW, Final Fantasy XIV features more subtle gold drains that can help build gameplay momentum: these include Market Board purchases, collecting materials for crafting or manufacturing of HQ items as well as gathering.

Selling Items on the Market Board

Anyone playing an MMO that requires their players to use an in-game currency must ensure they don’t go bankrupt, especially when trying to obtain the best gear and weapons. FFXIV is no different; although its Gil sinks are less abundant than, for example, WoW with repairs and flight costs, there still exist ways of spending your cash in this game.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to generate Gil is selling items on the Market Board. This can be achieved by purchasing many low-cost items (such as leather or cotton) in bulk and placing them for sale on the Market Board.

At night, when most players are asleep and not undercutting you, is often the best time for selling. Make it part of your routine to check prices regularly during this period and you will soon see an increase in income. A strong understanding of market pricing also helps ensure your item prices are always at or above those that offer maximum return.

Treasure Hunts

Many players use FFXIV gil to purchase items like glamour, minions and mounts as part of their gameplay experience. Although these may seem extravagant, such items provide convenience for many gamers looking for fun while gaming.

The in game marketplace also provides players with many small gil sinks they can use on a daily basis, such as Aetheryte Tickets and Allied Seals that can be sold to other players for decent sums of gil on the market board.

Treasure Maps can also provide an effective means of making cheap ffxiv gil. These special in game content provide players with rewards such as crafting materials, house furnishings and Allagan Tomestones; thus making these maps highly profitable if run regularly by an organized party of players.

Retainer Ventures

One of the easiest and least obvious ways to gain FFXIV gil is through sending retainers on ventures. Ventures are missions which send your retainer out into the world to gather items, sometimes yielding expensive ones like Jet Black and Pure White dye. Your equipment choices for your retainer’s ventures will play a part in what types of items they bring back; so ensure it has an average item level (or gathering rating for Disciples of War or Magic disciples) as this will determine their results and gear them as best possible!

Retainers can engage in various ventures to earn the maximum gil, but the most profitable one hour journeys is the Quick Exploration venture – as your retainers complete this trip, their levels will increase, opening up more lucrative options for them to explore.


Players can purchase items for their homes, gear and pets using FFXIV Gil. Players may also use it to participate in levequests that offer EXP rewards as well as potential HQ items.

Treasure Maps offer another effective method to earn FFXIV gil. Essentially, these maps lead players to locations where they must defeat a boss or elite monster – depending on its level this can yield huge sums of Gil as well as Allagan Tomestones!

After every new patch, gamers tend to stockpile HQ items in preparation for what lies ahead, making the Market Board an extremely lucrative source of income. You should consider how much gil you can sell per hour and when is best for you; generally this means before and after new patches.
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